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0000850AshamaneCore - BFA[All Projects] Demonhunterpublic2018-12-04 11:10
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PlatformWindowsOS_OS Version10
Summary0000850: Demon Hunter Quest Broken because of Npc.
DescriptionQuest- Before we're overun - Quest ID 38766
Beliash move very fast making it so he can't be hit on locked on to when you can land a attack it will always say evade. Looks as if the character is noclipped because he can hit you though walls and the spell he uses has no cooldown. He will constantly bounce between two point making it almost imposible to make him die to a drop AOE. Till this bug is fixed demon Hunter wont be able to escape the mardum.
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2018-12-04 11:10

reporter   ~0000405

I would, personnally, have put the impact on blocking since it's blocking the Demon Hunter in Mardum ^^

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