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0000846AshamaneCore - BFA[All Projects] Paladinpublic2018-12-03 21:04
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PlatformWindowsOS_OS Version10
Summary0000846: List of bugged quests and descriptions.
DescriptionOut of the Ziggurat- Quest ID 27481 Can't obtain Body of the Warlord Thresh 'Jin says already looted tested 3 times on him.

Add 'em to the Pile- Quest ID 27539 Can't obtain Stinking Skulls says already looted for each of the creatures that drop it.

Dark Garb- Quest ID 27452 Can't obtain Death Cultist Robes says already looted for all npc's that drop it.

Belmont's Report- Quest ID 27056 Can't complete quest lady Belmont doesn't exist.

Ilterating Upon Success - Quest ID 26998 Quest tells me to the kill the Bat Handler which is level 120 and has 50k HP, Im level 40 and even if I could beat him, he is in the horde and I can't attack him.

Lordaeron- Quest ID 27098 Quest tells me to kill Lady Sylvanas, easy to say I can't and She would absolutely beat me up.

The Warchief Cometh- Quest ID 26965 Quest tells me to kill Garrosh Hellscream, LOL.
Steps To ReproduceAccept the quest and try to pick up the items or accept the quest.
Additional InformationMy questlog is full.
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