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0000287AshamaneCoreNPCpublic2018-11-04 12:31
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PlatformWindowsOS_OS Version10
Summary0000287: [Northrend Dalaran] Wrong NPCs on Dalaran
DescriptionThere are two hostile NPCs on the Alliance Inn of Dalaran. Those two can kill low players easly
Additional InformationFrostblood Whelp:
Magmoth Shaman:
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2018-07-06 22:12


WoWScrnShot_070618_184227.jpg (278,194 bytes)


2018-11-04 12:31

reporter   ~0000375

They are still there.

Iam a allied paladin and just visited Dalaran today. Then I was killed in the tavern "zum Gefeirten Helden", becase there are two enemies.
"Schamane der Magmut"

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